HCL Compass email

This topic provides a description of the supported HCL Compass Web client email features.

HCL Compass software supports the following email features:

  • Automatic email notification. Email messages can be sent to users or user groups when a record meets criteria that you define. For example, a message can be sent to the testing team whenever a defect is fixed. See Enabling automatic e-mail notification.
  • Round-trip email. You can combine email notification with email submission to update records. For example, after receiving email notification that a new record was submitted, a user can respond with an email message that appends notes to the record in the database. See Using round-trip e-mail.
  • Email notification action hook. You can add hook code that creates and sends an email message when a user completes an action. See Using an action hook to send e-mail.
  • Submitting and modifying defects by email. Users can submit and modify records by email without having to log in to the HCL Compass database. For more information, see the Administering HCL Compass Reader topic in the Administering HCL Compass online Help.
Attention: HCL Compass Email 1.x and MAPI support have been deprecated. For enhanced email support, use the EmailPlus 2.1 package. For more information, see sch_pkgs/c_emp_package.html.