Customizing a schema

To modify how change requests are handled, you need to use the Designer to customize the records and fields of a schema.

When you want to modify a schema, follow the procedure described in Working with schemas. This procedure includes checking out the schema, modifying it in the Designer or by applying a package, validating the schema, testing the schema, checking it in, and upgrading user databases.

Modifying a schema involves these tasks:

  1. Defining the record types. If you must support several change management processes that follow different process models (such as working on defects and managing new feature requests), you must create multiple record types.
  2. Defining the fields that store the data for each record type and the behavior of those fields.
  3. Defining the states in the state model for each record type.
  4. Defining the actions of each state model.
  5. Defining forms to add new records and work with existing records.
  6. Adding hooks (scripts) to customize fields and to customize actions.