Managing user accounts

Use the User Administration tool to set up and administer users and user groups. HCL Compass stores information about users and user groups in the user database and schema repository.

You can access the User Administration tool from the Designer or from Start > Programs > HCL > HCL Compass > HCL Compass User Administration.

Use the User Administration tool to perform these tasks:

  • Create new users and user groups and add users to user groups.
  • Specify whether the user is authenticating with LDAP or HCL Compass.
  • Assign privileges to users and user groups that define the tasks they can perform within HCL Compass client and the Designer. You can also restrict user and group access to specific actions by adding an access-control hook to the action.
  • Control the data that users and groups can access by giving them access to specific databases.
  • Export user data and import it into another schema repository.

To administer users and user groups, you must have User Administrator privileges. The Designer includes a default user name, admin, that you can use to get started. When you first install HCL Compass, you can log in using the admin account without a password. The admin account includes the Super User privileges that you need to perform many administrative functions.

Attention: After you add or modify a user or user group, you must upgrade your user databases with the new information.