User administration

Setting the authentication mode with the User Administration and User Properties windows

In the User Administration window you can select one or more users, right-click, and select LDAP Authenticated or CQ Authenticated to set the user's authentication mode. When you select CQ Authenticated, the GUI assigns the user or users a blank password. You must assign real passwords to those users.

When you change a user's authentication from CQ Authenticated to LDAP Authenticated, the GUI removes the user's HCL Compass password. If you change that user's authentication back to CQ Authenticated, you must assign a password to that user.

The User Properties window contains an LDAP Authenticated check box. Select the check box to set the user's authentication mode to LDAP. Clear the check box to set the user's authentication mode to HCL Compass.

The User Properties window also contains an LDAP Login field. If you enter the user's LDAP login name, and a connection to the LDAP server exists, HCL Compass copies the value of the LDAP mapping attribute to the corresponding HCL Compass mapping field when you click OK or Add User. An asterisk next to the field identifies it as the mapping field. If you do not enter the user's LDAP login name, you must enter the correct mapping attribute in the HCL Compass mapping field; otherwise, the user cannot log in to HCL Compass. You must have user administration privileges to change the value of the mapping field. HCL Compass disables the mapping field for session users who do not have administrator privileges.