Setting up LDAP authentication

Overview of LDAP setup procedures.

Corporate LDAP server implementations are typically tailored to the needs of an organization. To enable LDAP authentication for your database set, you must be able to:

  1. Collect information about your LDAP environment from your LDAP administrator.
  2. Run a series of installutil subcommands on Windows™. The subcommands specify how to connect to the LDAP server and how to search the LDAP directory to authenticate users.
  3. Deal with the factors involved in configuring LDAP when HCL Compass MultiSite is installed.
  4. Disable LDAP authentication when required.
  5. Enable SSL encryption with GSKit. To enable SSL encryption, you need to create a key database file to hold the certificates that are be used to ensure secure communications between the HCL Compass clients and the LDAP directory server, and you need to make this key database file accessible to the clients.

As an aid to LDAP setup, you can refer to the topic on Common LDAP configurations, or use the Quick-reference LDAP worksheet.