Before you set up LDAP

Tasks to be completed as a prerequisite to setting up LDAP authentication, and information about supported LDAP servers and platforms.

Before you configure HCL Compass to authenticate against an LDAP directory, perform the following tasks:
  • Arrange to work with your LDAP administrator to collect information about your LDAP environment.
  • Ensure that the LDAP server is installed and configured.
  • Ensure that the LDAP directory has been created and populated with user information.
  • Identify which users will be authenticated against the HCL Compass database and which users will be authenticated against the LDAP directory.
  • Decide whether to enable SSL encryption. If you decide to use SSL, secure the help of your LDAP administrator or someone else who is familiar with SSL.

Supported LDAP servers

HCL Compass supports the following LDAP servers that support LDAP protocol Version 3:
  • IBM® Lotus® Domino® LDAP Server
  • IBM Tivoli® Directory Server
  • Microsoft™ Active Directory Server
  • Novell eDirectory Server
  • Oracle Java™ System Directory Server

Supported platforms

You can enable LDAP authentication for HCL Compass clients that run on all platforms that HCL Compass supports.