Changing workspaces locking policy

Do not change the workspaces locking policy if you have uncommitted data in any of your workspaces. This can cause undefined behavior with the uncommitted data.

HCL Commerce DeveloperNote: The development environment is not an authoring environment. Support is provided in the environment for customization purposes only. For example, testing changes to content management functionality. The ability to propagate changes is not available. If you want to make changes to the content management workspaces, you cannot publish the changes out to another database.
Before deciding on the locking policy to use on your authoring environment, review the Considerations when selecting a locking policy topic carefully to understand the implications of each locking policy.


  1. Copy the following file to a temporary location:
    • HCL Commerce Developer WCDE_installdir/xml/content-management/wc-resource-containers.xml
    • workspace_dir/WC/xml/content-management/wc-resource-containers.xml
    This file should never be directly modified.
  2. Open the temporary copy of the file in a text editor.
  3. Find the following text:
  4. For the locking policy you want to enable, replace Workspaces_locking_policy with one of the policy classes shown below the locking policy name:
    Workspaces locking
    Task group locking
    Task locking
    No locking
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Update your deployment package to include your updated files. For more information, see Building a custom Docker image from a deployable package.