Creating custom REST request handlers

You can create custom REST request handlers to communicate with the REST post-processing system. A template is provided that you can adapt for your own purposes.


  1. Create a new request handler that implements the RequestHandler call with RequestHandlerAnnotation defined.
    handleRequest(MessageContext, HandlersChain) method
    public class CustomRequestHandler implements RequestHandler {
        public void handleRequest(MessageContext messageContext,
                          HandlersChain handlersChain) {
                           // Add your own logic here       
                          // Add your own logic here
    Defines the registered order in which the request handler will be executed. Permitted values range from 0 to 2147483647. The default value is 100. If two sequences are the same in a customized request handler, only the one loaded last will take effect.
  2. Restart the server and test your REST request handler.