Working with REST services

You can work with existing REST services to meet your business needs.

The REST services framework is intended to be customizable to suit your business needs. You can customize REST services in the following ways:
Data Mapping
The data mapping file explicitly maps a data field in REST representation to a data field in the BOD. Specific data fields of the BOD can be added or removed from the representation through customizable configuration files.
Code Generation
Code generation enables creating the initial code for a resource handler that is based on a BOD noun that is being modeled with representations mirroring the BOD attributes.
User Data
User data can be created and retrieved by using REST services. Since REST services are built on top of OAGIS services, it requires all the necessary steps to extend business logic and persist User Data.
Representation templates
You can create a representation template (JSP file) per resource in the file system that is used to generate the representation for specific media types, such as XHTML and Atom feeds.