Using the preconfigured IBM Db2 Docker image

Rather than install the IBM Db2 Database and manually configure it for use with HCL Commerce, you can simply launch the preconfigured IBM Db2 Docker image as your development or test database.

Important: This IBM Db2 Docker container must be used for test purposes only. Under no circumstance can this Docker image be used as your staging or production database.
Note: The sample IBM Db2 Docker container bundled with HCL Commerce Version 9.1 includes contract price support for the new React-based store solutions. This has an impact on the starter Aurora store or migrated Aurora-based stores when using Solr-based search, and will cause you to see "Price pending" on the storefront. If you are using the sample Db2 database container for running an Aurora-based store with Solr-based search, and you are not using contract-based pricing complete the following to disable contract pricing:
  1. Run the following SQL command against the database:
    update storeconf set VALUE='0' where  NAME='';
  2. Refresh the HCL Commerce Registry in HCL Commerce Administration Console by navigate to Configuration > Registry > Update All, or simply restart the Transaction server.

Before you begin

  1. Download the latest HCL Commerce Version 9 Docker images. Included in these images is the IBM Db2 Docker image.
  2. Extract your IBM Db2 Docker image to a desired directory.
  3. If you are using Centos 7, with the default store driver overlay, you must change the default storage driver to devicemapper. The IBM Db2 Docker image does not support the overlay storage driver. For more information about confuting the store driver in Docker, see Configure Docker with the devicemapper storage driver.


  1. Load the preconfigured IBM Db2 Docker image into Docker.
    docker load -i Dockerimage
    The preconfigured IBM Db2 Docker image file name.
  2. Run the preconfigured IBM Db2 Docker image.
    docker run -d -e LICENSE=accept --privileged -p port:50000 --name name db2-docker-image
    The port number that should be used for the host container, which is mapped to the internal database, running on port 50000.

    For example, use 50001 if you want to connect to the containerized database on port 50001.

    A label to identify the usage for the container.

    For example, auth_db, to identify that the container is used for the authoring environment database.

  3. Verify that your IBM Db2 instance is running in one of two ways:
    • Use your IBM Db2 client to connect to the IBM Db2 service.
    • Log in to the IBM Db2 container to connect to the IBM Db2 instance by running the following commands:
      * docker exec -it db2ContainerId /bin/bash
      * su - db2inst1
      * db2 connect to mall user wcs using wcs1

      Where db2ContainerId is the IBM Db2 container ID.

What to do next

Deploy HCL Commerce Runtime.