Preparing a Docker host server to launch Utility server Docker container

The Utility server Docker container contains a tool that you can use to set up the HCL Commerce database schema and initialize the database. It is recommended that you prepare a dedicated server where you can run the Utility server Docker container and initialize all new databases.

So whenever one of your developers needs to set up a new database, the container can be used to create and initialize the database with the HCL Commerce database schema.


  1. Install Docker.
    1. Install Docker Version 19.03.8 or later.
    2. Install Docker Compose Version 1.24.1 or later.
    3. Consider creating a Docker Unix group.
      Note: You need to prefix sudo to Docker commands if you do not create a Docker Unix group. For more information, see .
  2. Pull the Utility Docker image from your organization's private Docker registry.
    You only need to pull the Utility Docker image for now because it contains scripts that you use to prepare and configure your database. Since the other Docker images total over 6 GB in size, it is quicker to pull this one image only.
    For example,
    docker pull Docker_registry/commerce/ts-utils:tag
  3. Start the container.
    For example,
    docker run -e LICENSE=accept --name utils docker_image

What to do next

You need to use scripts inside the Utility container to encrypt passwords, load the HCL Commerce database schema, and optionally load sample data.