Deploying HCL Commerce Version 9.1 with HCL Software Factory

HCL Commerce is a single, unified e-commerce platform that offers the ability to do business directly with consumers (B2C) or directly with businesses (B2B). It is a customizable, scalable, distributed, and high availability solution that is built to use open standards. It provides easy-to-use tools for business users to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy. Business users can create and manage precision marketing campaigns, promotions, catalog, and merchandising across all sales channels. HCL Commerce uses cloud friendly technology to make deployment and operation both easy and efficient.

HCL Software Factory (SoFy) is a next generation software development accelerator. It simplifies the deployment of HCL Software products and services. Within SoFy, you can browse a catalog of HCL Software products and services and select what you need to create your solution. Once your solution is created, you can preview it within the SoFy sandbox. Once satisfied with how your solution operates, you can then generate the customized Helm Chart to deploy your solution on the cloud infrastructure of your choice. Through this deployment methodology, HCL SoFy provides a simplified way to generate your final production deployment topology, and then provides the latest HCL Software Docker Images through the SoFy Docker Registry. It also simplifies your deployment by aiding in the configuration of the required entitlement checks in order to begin using HCL Software products.

HCL Commerce is fully integrated and available for deployment within the HCL Software Factory (SoFy) catalog. You can explore HCL Commerce functionality within the SoFy sandbox, and then use the SoFy solution to aid in creation of your production HCL Commerce deployment.

Important: The environment that you create should not be used for a live production site without further consideration toward security hardening, load balancing, ingress routing, and performance tuning. To operate HCL Commerce Version 9.1 in a live production environment, you must commit further time and resources to both performance and security considerations.

With load balancing and ingress routing specifically, you can configure which services you want to expose externally, and restrict the remaining services within the cluster network. This configuration limits their access from and exposure to the wider Internet.

Before you begin

Before you can explore HCL Commerce and form a solution on HCL Software Factory, you must obtain access to the platform.

You can request access through

Once you gain access, it is recommended to read through the provided user guides to get familiar with the SoFy solution builder.