Loading massload-formatted data

The Data Load utility is backwards-compatible and can read data formatted for the discontinued mass load utilities. If you have large quantities of data in the mass load utilities document type definition (DTD) format, you can easily load it using Data Load.

About this task

The Data Load utility is a command line loading utility that has greater validation functions than the massload utility. The Data Load utility performs the following functions within a single operation:
  • Reads data from a source.
  • Transforms the source data to HCL Commerce business objects.
  • Allocates and resolves HCL Commerce business objects to physical data.
  • Loads the physical data into the database.
For more information, see Overview of the Data Load utility.


  1. Update the environment file, /opt/WebSphere/CommerceServer90/dataload/massload/wc-dataload-env.xml.
  2. Update the wc-dataload.xml file, add the input data path into the DataSourceLocation, for example <_config:DataSourceLocation location="../../schema/data/xml/wcs.bootstrap_en_CA.xml" />.
  3. Run the dataload utility to load the data.
    ./dataload.sh /opt/WebSphere/CommerceServer90/dataload/massload/wc-dataload.xml