Sample: Assigning users to member groups

This sample shows you how to assign users to an existing member group and load the data into the database.

About this sample

This sample assigns the following users to an existing member group:
  • Jacob Smith
  • Olivia Lee

If you prefer to work with data in XML format instead of in CSV format, you can configure the utility to use XML formatted files. Edit the wc-dataload.XML file and change the location elements to reference the XML files provided.


  1. HCL Commerce DeveloperOn a command line, go to the WCDE_installdir\bin directory.
  2. LinuxOpen a command line in the . Change the directory to utilities_root/bin directory. For information about entering and leaving containers, see Running utilities from the Utility server Docker container.
  3. Enter the following command to load the new users into the database:
    • Linux./ ../samples/DataLoad/Member/MemberGroup/wc-dataload.xml –DLoadOrder=MemberGroupMember
    • HCL Commerce Developerdataload ..\samples\DataLoad\Member\MemberGroup\wc-dataload.xml –DLoadOrder=MemberGroupMember

Verifying results

Verify that the users were assigned to the member group.
  1. Verify the new users in the access group:
    1. Open the Organization Administration Console.
    2. Click Access Management > Member Groups > View Access Groups.
    3. Verify that AccessGroup1 is listed and that Olivia Lee is included in this access group.
  2. Verify the new users in the customer segment:
    1. Open the Management Center.
    2. Open the Marketing tool and from the Store list, select Madisons.
    3. From the explorer view, click Customer Segments. The Customer Segments - List page displays.
    4. Right-click TestMemberGroup; then click Open.
    5. Click the Customer or Segment tab and verify the following information:
      • Jacob Smith is displayed in the Included customers table.
      • Ryan Johnson is displayed in the Excluded customers table.

Cleaning up the data

To remove the data that is loaded in this sample from the database, run the CleanUp.sql file in the /samples/DataLoad/Member/MemberGroup directory.