Sample: Loading receipt records of items

This sample demonstrates how to load receipt records of items at fulfillment centers, for example, "Madisons Home".

About this sample

If you want to update after initial load, you can update in the CSV file and run the load again.


  1. HCL Commerce DeveloperOn a command line, go to the WCDE_installdir\bin directory.
  2. LinuxOpen a command line in the . Change the directory to utilities_root/bin directory. For information about entering and leaving containers, see Running utilities from the Utility server Docker container.
  3. Enter the following command:
    • Linux./ ../samples/DataLoad/Inventory/Receipt/wc-dataload.xml
    • HCL Commerce Developerdataload ..\samples\DataLoad\Inventory\Receipt\wc-dataload.xml

Verifying the results

Run the following SQL statement:
select * from Receipt where Receipt_ID >= $startKey and Receipt_ID < $endKey;
The $startKey and $endKey are set in samples\DataLoad\Inventory\Receipt\wc-dataload.xml . For example,
select * from Receipt where Receipt_ID >= 100000001 and Receipt_ID < 200000000;

Cleaning up the data

To clean up the data loaded in the database, run the following SQL statement: delete from Receipt where Receipt_ID >= $startKey and Receipt_ID < $endKey;