E-Marketing Spot default title input file definitions

Use a MarketingSpotDefaultTitle.csv input file to load data to create default title information for e-Marketing Spots that belong to a store. After you load the data, business users can manage the default title information for e-Marketing Spots with the Marketing tool.

You can extract the default title information for e-Marketing Spot objects with the Data Extract utility to create a MarketingSpotDefaultTitle.csv input file. You can then load this file with the Data Load utility. For example, if you want to copy or move the e-Marketing Spot data between stores or instances, such as for creating one or more test environments. Sample configuration files are provided for you to use with the Data Extract utility to extract the default title data from the DMEMSPOTCOLLDEF database table. The SQL that the Data Extract utility uses to extract e-Marketing Spot default title data extracts data for only the e-Marketing Spots with the 'MARKETING', 'CONTENT', 'LAYOUTMARKETINGSPOT', or 'SEARCH'.

Sample configuration files are also provided for you to use with the Data Load utility to load the default title e-Marketing Spot data. When you load the MarketingSpotDefaultTitle.csv file, the Data Load utility populates the DMEMSPOTCOLLDEF database table.

For more information about extracting and loading marketing data, see
When you load default title data for e-Marketing Spots, you might need to load additional information. For example, if the e-Marketing Spots do not exist in your target store, you must first load the data to create the e-Marketing Spots. Then, you can load the default title data for the e-Marketing Spots. For more information about the e-Marketing Spot-related data that you can load, see:


(Required, String) The name of the e-Marketing Spot.
Note: This name must match exactly (including case) the value of the emsName parameter in the JSP file for this e-Marketing Spot.


(String) The usage type of the e-Marketing Spot. You can set one of the following values for this column:
Indicates that the e-Marketing Spot displays marketing messages. The default value is "MARKETING".
Indicates that the e-Marketing Spot displays store content.
Indicates that the e-Marketing Spot displays Commerce Composer layouts.
Indicates that the e-Marketing Spot is used by search rules.


(Required, String) The external identifier for the content. When you load this value, the utility first maps the value to DefaultMarketingSpotTitle/ContentUniqueID. The business object mediator then converts the value from the COLLATERAL.NAME database column value to the COLLATERAL_ID value that is saved in the database.


(Double) The sequence number that determines the display order of the object.


(String) Indicates whether to delete the record. Specify 1 to delete the record.
Note: If you want to delete all of the database records that match the records in a file, you can run the Data Load utility in delete mode. For more information, see Configuring the data load order.