Copying access control data to the production environment

Access control policies do not get propagated from a staging environment to a production environment by using the stagingProp utility. It is still useful, however, to test the policies on staging to ensure it is working as expected. You can propagate data from staging to production.


  1. Add or modify access control policies using an XML file.

    This is the recommended approach to customizing access control policies. This approach is more flexible and can add or make more complex changes to policies. The only limitation is policies cannot be removed using this method.

    1. Prepare your custom XML policies file.
    2. Load your XML file to the staging environment database.
    3. Test your policies in the staging environment and make any changes, if necessary.
    4. Once satisfied with your policies, copy the XML policies file to the production environment.
    5. Load the same XML file to the production environment database.
    6. Refresh the access control registries.
  2. Change access control policies from the Organization Administration Console.

    This approach enables you to make simple changes to the policies. See Customizing access control policies using the Organization Administration Console for a complete list of actions that can be performed using this tooling.

    1. Make your changes through the Organization Administration Console of the staging environment. Note the steps that have been made, as you will make the same changes in the production environment.
    2. Test your policies in the staging environment and make any changes, if necessary.
    3. Once satisfied with your policies, make the same changes to the production environment.