HCL Commerce Enterprise

Viewing a business audit report

Use the Administration Console to view a business audit report.

Before you begin


  1. Open the Administration Console. Select Store.
  2. Select a store from the list and click OK.
  3. From the Monitoring menu, click Business Audit.
  4. In the Business Audit page, complete one or both of the following fields:
    • User logon ID: Enter the logon ID of the user for whom you want to display a report. The report will display all commands run by this user.
    • Command type: Enter the type of command for which you want to display a report. The report will display all instances of this command type run in your site or store, or all commands of this type run by the specified user.
  5. Select a date range for the report.
  6. Click OK. The report displays.
  7. To view details about a particular record in the report, click the Record ID. The Detailed Parameters page for the record displays. Any available information about the parameters used during execution of the command (for example, if the command created a user, the users first and last names are parameters) displays. Not all records will include parameter details. If a record does not include parameter details, a message stating that there are no details displays.