Removing cache entries through the Cache Monitor

The WebSphere Application Server Cache Monitor provides the options to manually invalidate cache entries.

Before you begin

Ensure that the cache monitor is enabled. To enable it, see Enabling cache monitoring.  When accessing the application, the port of the cache monitor is same as the port of the server endpoints. For the default Store container, this port is 8080/8443. For the Search container, it is 3737/3738.


  1. Launch the cache monitor using one of the following methods:
    1. You can access the web application using a web browser with the following web address:
    2. However, for a more secure access, it is recommended that you access the Administration host machine:
    3. For example, if the virtual host VH_ instance_name_admin is used for installing the Cache Monitor, then the Cache Monitor can be accessed as:
  2. Do one of the following steps:
    Remove an entry from cache Click Invalidate when viewing a cache entry.
    Remove all entries for a certain dependency ID Click Invalidate when viewing entries for a dependency ID or click Invalidate when viewing entries for a template.
    Clear the entire contents of the cache Click Clear Cache while viewing statistics or contents.
    Clear the contents on the ESI processors Click Clear Cache while viewing ESI statistics or contents.
    Clear the contents of the disk cache. Click Clear Disk.