Creating an order for a registered customer

Use HCL Commerce Accelerator to create an order on behalf of a registered customer.

  • If an order is backordered, then customers can maintain the same order with multiple releases.
  • After an order prepares, the order is locked. The customer can submit the order. Changes in prices, promotions, contracts, and so on, do not affect the order unless the order is re-prepared by the customer, or the order lock expires.


  1. Open HCL Commerce Accelerator
  2. Find the customer that you want to work with.
  3. Select the check box next to the customer that you want to work with, and click Place Order to create an order. The Place Order wizard opens, displaying the Products page.
  4. Provide appropriate information for the fields and click Next to save each page. Click Back to return to the previous page, if necessary.
  5. When you complete all pages, click Finish on the Comments page to create the order.