HCL Commerce Enterprise

Viewing approval submissions

Submitters and administrators with the appropriate access can view approval submissions and the status of their associated approval decisions.


  1. Open HCL Commerce Accelerator and click Store > Approval Submissions. The Approval Submissions page is displayed.
  2. The approval submissions page contains the following information about each submission:
    Is a unique identification code for the request.
    The logon ID or other unique identifier for the user that retrieves the approval request.
    The name of the business process for which the approval is requested.
    This column indicates whether an approval request is pending, is approved or rejected.
    Submitted on
    The date and time of submission.
    Remarks (displays only if status is Approved or Rejected)
    Comments explaining why a request was approved or rejected.
    Approved on Date (displays only if status is Approved)
    Indicates date and time of approval.
    Rejected on Date (displays only if status is Rejected)
    Indicates date and time of rejection.