HCL Commerce Enterprise

Searching for approval requests

You can search for approval requests by a specific request, or a group of requests.


  1. Open the Approval Requests page:
  2. Check Find. The Find - Approval Requests dialog is displayed.
  3. Specify the criteria appropriate to your search:
    Request Number To search for a specific request, type its ID number.
    Process To retrieve all requests for a specific process, select it here.
    Submitter To retrieve all requests that are received from a specific submitter, select the submitter.
    Approvers (Displays to Site Administrators only) To retrieve all requests in review by a specific approver, select the approver here.
    Status To retrieve all requests currently in a specific status, select the status.
    Date To retrieve all requests that are submitted either on a specific date, or within a specific period, indicate your criteria here.
  4. Click Find. The Search Results - Approval Requests page is displayed.

    If only the pending requests are retrieved, the page is identical to the Approval Requests page, except that the View field is disabled. If the search retrieves requests in an approved or rejected status, the page includes two extra columns: Approved On or Rejected On and Remarks. The Approve and Reject buttons are enabled.