CSR Order Summary page

A customer service representative (CSR) can use the Order Summary page to view order details, including order comments. A CSR can also add comments to an order, cancel an order, or submit the order (depending on the order status).

This page is only available to users with the appropriate roles for Customer Service Representatives or Supervisor. For more information about these user roles, see Granting user roles for HCL Customer Service for HCL Commerce. After a CSR searches for an order from the Customer Service page, they can select Actions > View order summary, which directs the CSR to the CSR Order Summary page. This page is available on Aurora B2C and Aurora B2B storefronts.

Elements of the CSR Order Summary page

Note: The screen capture displays a submitted order, in other words, the checkout flow was completed to submission. If the order was incomplete, the CSR can check out the order by clicking the Checkout button.

JSP files

  • CSROrderSummaryPage.jsp represents the entire CSR Order Summary page.
  • 1 BreadcrumbTrail.jsp is the top-level JSP file for the breadcrumb trail widget, which displays the breadcrumb trail.
  • 2 CustomerServiceNavigation.jsp is the top-level JSP file for the Customer Service Navigation widget, which displays the Customer Service sidebar and its navigational links.
  • 3OrderSummary.jsp is the JSP file for the Order Summary widget, which is expandable and displays order details.
  • 4OrderComments.jsp is the JSP file for the Order Comments widget, which is expandable and can be used by customer service representatives to view or add comments to a specific order. Order comments are time stamped and also display the CSR name who logged the comment.

Links and buttons

5 Cancel order
Cancels the order that is displayed.
Note: If the order is not submitted, a Checkout button is displayed instead.