Manage existing customer orders

A customer service representative (CSR) can manage orders that are placed in Aurora B2C and Aurora B2B stores. Managing existing orders can include: canceling and reordering orders.

After a CSR searches for an order from the Customer Service page, they can select the Order number, which directs the CSR to the Order Details page. From this page, they can Re-Order or Cancel order.
Note: If an order is shipped, it cannot be canceled.
The following screen capture illustrates the CSR's view of the Order Details page:
Sing in panel

Beginning in Mod Pack 1, a CSR can also add or view comments on an order. For more information about order comments, see Add or view order comments.

Detailed flow for canceling or reordering an order

  1. CSR logs in to the storefront by using the Sign In/Register tab.
    Sing in panel

  2. The CSR is automatically directed to the Customer Service page.
  3. The CSR enters criteria for shipping information in the Find orders widget to search for a submitted order. The widget searches orders in all states, including pending orders, canceled orders, and orders in progress.
    • The CSR cannot search by billing address attributes. This data is stored in the database and encrypted.
    • The maximum number for search results that are returned is 20. If necessary, a CSR can enter more search criteria to refine search.

    Find Orders widget

    Alternatively, the CSR can search for a registered customer, access the customer's account, and then select Order History. From this page, the CSR can cancel or reorder an order.

  4. Once a CSR locates the order, they click the order number that is displayed in the search results.
    Note: If the order is locked, you see a lock icon next to the order number. Pending orders are the only orders that can be locked. A CSR must select the Actions menu button, and then select Take over and unlock, as displayed in the following screen capture:
    Sing in panel
  5. Once the CSR takes over the order, they have two options:
    • Re-order

      If a customer has items in existing shopping cart, the cart must be in an unlocked state before the CSR can reorder a previous order. Clicking reorder adds the previous order to the existing shopping cart.

    • Cancel order

      A CSR can cancel orders that are not shipped.