Customer Service page

A customer service representative (CSR) can use the Customer Service page to complete various storefront tasks on behalf of guest and registered shoppers.

The Customer Service page is only available to users with the appropriate roles for customer service representatives or supervisor. After you log in to the storefront, you are directed to the Customer Service page. You can also navigate to this landing page by clicking the Customer Service tab at the top of the web page. From the Customer Service page, the CSR can initiate the following flows:
  • Shop on behalf of a guest
  • Enable / disable customer accounts
  • Register new customers
  • Lock / unlock customer shopping carts
  • Access customer accounts
    • Reset customer passwords
    • Update customer account information
    • Shop on behalf of a registered customer

Elements of the Customer Service page

JSP files

  • CustomerServiceLandingPage.jsp represents the entire Customer Service landing page.
  • 1 BreadcrumbTrail.jsp is the top-level JSP file for the breadcrumb trail widget, which displays the breadcrumb trail.
  • 2 CustomerServiceNavigation.jsp is the top-level JSP file for the Customer Service Navigation widget, which displays the Customer Service sidebar and its navigational links.
  • 3 RegisteredCustomers.jsp is the top-level JSP file for the Find Customers widget, which is used to find registered customers.
  • 4 FindOrders.jsp is the top-level JSP file for the Find Orders widget, which is used to find existing and completed orders.

Links and buttons

5 Search options
Expands or collapses the search section.
6 Search
Returns a list of customers or orders that meet search criteria.
Note: The maximum number for search results that are returned for customers and orders is 20.
7 Clear filter
Clears the search field.
B2B direct


8 Organization field
This search field is only available in Aurora B2B stores.