Scheduling Paymentech jobs


  1. Follow the instructions in Schedule a site-level job to add ProcessPaymentechBatch job.
  2. In the Job command field select ProcessPaymentechBatch.
  3. In the Job parameters field enter your merchConfId.

    The merchConfId is the corresponding record in the MERCHCONF table for the current merchant. To determine the merchConfId:

    1. Identify the current merchant identifier.
    2. Select the merchConfId from the MERCHCONF table for current merchant. Run this SQL statement:
      SELECT MERCHCONF_ID from MERCHCONF where MERCHANT_ID = your merchant ID
  4. In the Schedule interval field enter 86400 (you can change this value, if required).
  5. In the Job attempts and Seconds to retry fields enter 0.
  6. In the Job priority field enter 1.
  7. Do not change the other fields.