Troubleshooting: Recovering Paymentech processing errors

Batch exception conditions which require manual intervention

Normally, a batch is created in OPEN state, it is changed to SENT state after is sent to the Paymentech, and then after RFR response is received and all the transactions in the batch are processed successfully, then the batch is marked as CLOSED. But things do not always go well, there are several scenarios for batch processing that need to be dealt with manually.
  • For a batch in the OPEN state. If a batch remains in OPEN state, after the ProcessPaymentechBatch scheduled job has run, it can be resent to the Paymentech gateway by issuing the following URL command:
  • For a batch in the SENT state. If a batch remains in SENT state because of a failure to retrieve the correct RFR response, the batch can be dealt with in the following way:
    1. Attempt the retrieve the RFR response again by issuing the following URL command:
    2. If the batch remains in the SENT state after step 1, Paymentech might be holding the batch RFR response. This is sometimes caused by a high failure rate for transactions in the batch. This batch should be processed offline by calling your Paymentech contact point for help. After the batch has been processed offline, it can be forced closed by issuing the following URL command:
    3. If Paymentech confirms that the batch request was never received by the Paymentech gateway, though it has been sent by HCL Commerce, it must be reprocessed. The batch can be reprocessed by following these steps:
      1. Reset the batch to the OPEN state using an SQL statement similar to the following example:
        update ppcbatch set STATE=0 where ppcbatch_id=batchId;
      2. Reprocess the batch using the following URL command:
      In these steps, batchId represents the ID of the batch you are reprocessing, and hostName is the host name of the HCL Commerce Server..
  • For a batch in the PARTIALCLOSED state. Any failed transactions in a batch in this state must be processed offline with Paymentech. After processing offline, you can close the batch by issuing the following URL command:

FormatException error

  1. Look for errors in the PluginDeployment.xml file under the Paymentech plug-in
  2. Look for records in the MERCHCONFINFO table for current merchant who are using Paymentech plug-in.
  3. Ensure that length of the state or province in the address record is 2.

HCL Commerce triggered reverse authorization transaction

Paymentech does not support real reverse-authorization. There is no communication with Paymentech online gateway, instead the authorization amount will be reserved until the authorization is expired on the Paymentech side.

Paymentech certification testing 4-way handshake

Paymentech certification testing requires that the connection with the Paymentech online gateway is closed by using 4-way handshake. Stop the HCL Commerce Server or shut down HCL Commerce.