Listing attachment details

You can list attachments and view details for a specified attachment, such as the URLs that it contains.


  1. Open the Attachments tool.
  2. In the Attachments - List view, right-click the attachment; then click Open.

    Object Properties section:

    Associated Store The name of the store where the attachment is associated.
    General Attachment Information section:
    Code The unique identifier for the attachment. For example, 300011Att.
    Name The name of the attachment.
    Short description The short description for the attachment.
    Long description The long description for the attachment.
    Files or URLs section:
    URLs The list of URLs within the selected attachment. If the selected store supports multiple languages, the list of URLs displays multiple columns for languages.
    The Reference tab displays the business objects that the selected attachment is associated with. All fields on the Reference tab are read-only.
    Sales Catalogs Lists the sales catalog objects that this attachment is associated with.
    Categories Lists the category objects that this attachment is associated with.
    Catalog Entries Lists the catalog entries that this attachment is associated with.
    Marketing Content Lists the marketing content that this attachment is associated with.