HCL Commerce Enterprise

Scenario 1: Catalog filtering for a B2C starter store

The following scenario shows how a sales manager for a B2C store might entitle shoppers to only a subset of their catalog. This scenario highlights catalog filtering based on categories only.

Site description

An automotive parts store with a single store.

What the sales manager wants to do

The sales manager wants to exclude a new category from displaying on the storefront. Currently, the automotive parts store has no catalog filter assigned to it. As a result, all the products in the store's catalog are displayed on the storefront. Recently, the sales manager created a category for the Springs product line in the store's catalog, and does not want the Springs category to be displayed to the customers because the products have not yet been delivered.

How the sales manager uses catalog filter

To achieve this goal, the sales manager creates a catalog filter called Hide Springs and assigns it to the store default contract as shown in the following diagram:
B2C Catalog Filter scenario
When customers view the automotive parts store, they cannot see the Springs category.
The steps used to achieve this goal:
  1. In the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool:
    • Exclude the Springs category from the catalog filter.
  2. In HCL Commerce Accelerator:
    • Assign the Hide Springs catalog filter to the automotive parts store contract.
  3. On the storefront:
    • Verify that the Springs category is not displayed.
    • Verify that all other products are still shown.

Highlights of this scenario

By default, the default contract of the store includes a default catalog filter which includes all catalog entries in the store.