Search rule templates

Search rule templates are starting points from which business users can build search rules. You can choose from one of the standard search rule templates supplied with the Management Center, or you can create your own custom search rule templates.

Standard search rule templates

The Management Center includes the following standard search rule templates:
Blank search rule
This search rule template is empty. Use it as a starting point to build any type of search rule. Use this template for search rules that use the following actions, since they do not have a custom template:
  • Add To Or Remove From Customer Segment
  • Add Or Replace Search Criteria
Change Search Result Order
This search rule orders search results for a customer that searches for specific keywords. It changes the position of certain results within the search results list. Catalog entries that meet certain criteria can be ranked higher or lower to promote specific catalog entries over others for a specific customer search.
Add or Replace Search Criteria
This search rule adds or replaces search criteria when customers submit searches in the store. Adding search criteria limits the scope of search results in your store by adding additional search criteria, while replacing search criteria modifies the search results.
Specify Top Search Results
This search rule enables elevating specific catalog entries to the top of search results for a customer that searches for specific keywords.

Custom search rule templates

If the standard search rule templates do not meet your needs, you can create custom search rule templates for search rules. There are two ways to create a custom search rule template: you can either build a rule to use as a template from scratch, or you can create a template based on an existing rule. Either way, you can then use the custom search rule template as a starting point when you are creating new search rules.

Location of search rule templates

When you create a new search rule, the following window opens and presents folders from which you can select from the available standard and custom search rule templates:

New Search Rule From Template window

All search rule templates are also listed in the Search Rule Templates folder in the explorer view.