Predefined Dynamic Kit List widget

Use this widget in a layout for a dynamic kit page to automatically retrieve and display a list of the associated predefined dynamic kits that customers can purchase. The widget displays the thumbnail image, name, and price of each predefined dynamic kit. Customers can add the predefined dynamic kit to their cart directly from the widget, or they can click the kit to open the Predefined Dynamic Kit Details page and get more information.

A predefined dynamic kit contains a preconfiguration of the components in a dynamic kit. For example, you can configure a specific processor, hard disk, and monitor in the predefined dynamic kit for a computer dynamic kit. To create predefined dynamic kits, your site must be integrated with Sterling Configurator.

Page dependency

Use this widget only in layouts for dynamic kit pages.

Example of widget content

Example of a Predefined Dynamic Kit widget

Prerequisites for using this widget

Widget properties and content

This widget has no configurable properties other than the widget name. The list of predefined dynamic kits is automatically retrieved from your catalog data.