Product Price Update message

The Product Price Update message is an inbound message that contains price information for a product. A back-end application generates this message and sends it to the HCL Commerce inbound message queue. When the HCL Commerce system receives the message, it runs the ProductOfferPriceUpdate command.

The Product Price Update message supports two sets of application data: Product Price Update version 01 and Product Price Update 02. Version 02 includes a superset of the data within version 01.

The Product Price Update message uses the HCL Commerce message format and consists of a set of records, which follow each other sequentially in a buffer. The following data describes the Product Price Update message:






  • All records are in sequential order in the buffer. Indentation is used here for readability; it does not appear in the buffer.
  • All fields in the data segments are left-justified and padded to the right with spaces in the buffer.

Data Segments for Product Price Update