Customer New message

The Customer New message is a legacy format inbound message that contains customer information for a customer. A back-end application generates this message and sends it to the HCL Commerce inbound message queue, where the HCL Commerce system receives the message. HCL Commerce updates information for a new customer by calling the UserRegistrationAdd controller command.

The following data describes the Customer New message:

.DATUSR repeated loop                    
  • All records are in sequential order in the buffer. Indentation is used here for readability; it does not appear in the buffer.
  • All fields in the data segments are left-justified and padded to the right with spaces in the buffer.

Data Segments for Customer New

  • CUSTOMER_NEW_PROLOG_DATA Specifies the type of message the application data defines. In this case, the message is Customer New.
  • CUSTOMER_NEW_HDR010_DATA Specifies customer information within the Customer New message.
  • DATUSR_DATA Specifies optional information to be added to the Customer New message. DATUSR_DATA appears in the <HDR> section of this message.