The Order Create message includes the ORDER_CREATE_ITM010_DATA segment. This data segment consists of item or product shipping specifications for the Order Create message.

The format and the source of the fields for ORDER_CREATE_ITM010_DATA are described in the following table. For field lengths, use the table below. For a description of a database column, follow the link to its associated table.

Field Name Field Type Table Name Column Name Note
NC_ITM010 VersionNumber CHAR (2) N/A N/A Fixed value of 01.
NC_Item LineNumber CHAR (3) N/A N/A (generated as a sequential number) N/A
NC_Item RefNumber CHAR (10) ORDERITEMS ORDERITEMS_ID Unique ship to reference number, internally generated. This is a primary key.
NC_Item ProductRefNumber CHAR (10) ORDERITEMS CATENTRY_ID Item or product reference number. This is not a foreign key.
NC_Item ProductNumber CHAR (64) CATENTRY PARTNUMBER Item SKU or product number.
NC_Item Product ShortDescription CHAR (254) CATENTDESC SHORTDESCRIPTION Short description of the item or product, including its name.
NC_Item UnitPrice CHAR (16) ORDERITEMS PRICE Unit price of the item.
NC_Item CurrencyType CHAR (10) ORDERITEMS CURRENCY Currency in which the price is expressed. The format of the currency must adhere to ISO 4217 standards.
NC_Item ProductQuantity CHAR (10) ORDERITEMS QUANTITY Quantity ordered.
NC_Item ShipToAddr RefNum CHAR (10) ORDERITEMS ADDRESS_ID Address reference number for the shipping address.
NC_Item ShipMode RefNum CHAR (10) ORDERITEMS SHIPMODE_ID Merchant shipping mode reference number
NC_ItemState CHAR (1) ORDERITEMS STATUS Order Status: P - In pending state C - In past state X - canceled I - Inventory update pending M - Ready for authentication
NC_Item ShipTo LastName CHAR (30) ADDRESS LASTNAME Ship to customer's last name.
NC_Item ShipTo MiddleName CHAR (30) ADDRESS MIDDLENAME Ship to customer's middle name.
NC_Item ShipTo FirstName CHAR (30) ADDRESS FIRSTNAME Ship to customer's first name.
NC_Item ShipToAddr1 CHAR (50) ADDRESS ADDRESS1 Ship to customer's address line 1.
NC_Item ShipToAddr2 CHAR (50) ADDRESS ADDRESS2 Ship to customer's address line 2.
NC_Item ShipToAddr3 CHAR (50) ADDRESS ADDRESS3 Ship to customer's address line 3.
NC_Item ShipToCity CHAR (30) ADDRESS CITY Ship to customer's city name.
NC_Item ShipToState CHAR (20) ADDRESS STATE Ship to customer's state, province, or equivalent, abbreviated.
NC_Item ShipToCountry CHAR (30) ADDRESS COUNTRY Ship to customer's country/region.
NC_Item ShipToZipCode CHAR (20) ADDRESS ZIPCODE Ship to customer's zip code or equivalent.
NC_Item ShipToEmail1 CHAR (254) ADDRESS EMAIL1 Ship to customer's primary e-mail or URL address.
NC_Item ShipToEmail2 CHAR (254) ADDRESS EMAIL2 Ship to customer's secondary e-mail or URL address.
NC_Item ShipToPhone1 CHAR (30) ADDRESS PHONE1 Ship to customer's primary phone number.
NC_Item ShipToPhone2 CHAR (30) ADDRESS PHONE2 Ship to customer's secondary phone number.
NC_Item ShipToFax CHAR (30) ADDRESS FAX1 Ship to customer's facsimile number.
NC_Item ShippingCarrier CHAR (30) SHIPMODE CARRIER Carrier identifier, such as Federal Express.
NC_Item ShippingMethod CHAR (30) SHIPMODE CODE Carrier service shipping mode, such as FedEx Express Overnight.
NC_Item ShipToComment CHAR (254) ORDERITEMS COMMENTS Comments from customer, such as a greeting for a gift.
NC_Item Creation Timestamp CHAR (64) ORDERITEMS LASTCREATE Date and time the ship to entry was made.
NC_Item Update Timestamp CHAR (64) ORDERITEMS LASTUPDATE Date and time the ship to entry was last updated.
NC_Item CustField1 CHAR (10) ORDERITEMS FIELD1 Reserved for merchant customization.
NC_Item CustField2 CHAR (254) ORDERITEMS FIELD2 Reserved for merchant customization.