The Product Quantity Update message includes the PRODUCT_QUANTITY_UPDATE_HDR010_DATA segment. This data segment includes product or item inventory information for the Product Quantity Update message.

The format and the source of the fields for PRODUCT_QUANTITY_UPDATE_HDR010_DATA are described in the following table. For field lengths, use the table below. For a description of a database column, follow the link to its associated table.

Field Name Field Type Table Name Column Name Note
NC_HDR010 VersionNumber CHAR (2) N/A N/A Fixed value of 01.
NC_Product RefNumber CHAR (10) INVENTORY CATENTRY_ID The CatalogEntry for which the product quantity applies.
NC_Product Quantity CHAR (10) INVENTORY QUANTITY The product quantity.
NC_Product Number CHAR (64) CATENTRY PARTNUMBER Part Number of the Catalog Entry.
NC_Merchant RefNumber CHAR (10) INVENTORY STORE_ID The store for which the product quantity applies.


  • The merchant reference number (which references STORE_ID in the INVENTORY table) is mandatory.
  • The HCL Commerce product reference number (which references CATENTRY_ID in the INVENTORY table) and the merchant reference number (STORE_ID) are used to update a row in the INVENTORY table.
  • If the product reference number (CATENTRY_ID) is not present, then the merchant reference number (STORE_ID) is used to obtain the member number (which references MEMBER_ID in the CATENTRY table). The member number must be the same as the owner of the catalog entry. The member number (MEMBER_ID), along with the product number (which references PARTNUMBER in the CATENTRY table) are used to obtain a product reference number (CATENTRY_ID). The product reference number, along with the merchant reference number (STORE_ID) are used to update a row in the INVENTORY table.
  • If the row in the table INVENTORY does not exist, an error will occur.