HCL Commerce Developer

Installing Rational Application Developer Version 9.6 or a later 9.6 refresh pack

Installing 64-bit Rational Application Developer is the first step of installing HCL Commerce Developer.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you install the copy of Rational Application Developer that is bundled with HCL Commerce. Obtaining Rational Application Developer separately results in a trial version that requires the purchase of a license.
  • If you do not have the Rational Application Developer software, then download the eAssembly.
    1. Log in to HCL License and Delivery portal.
    2. Obtain the HCL WebSphere Commerce Developer V9.0 - Rational Application Developer for WebSphere V9.6 Core ML MP eAssembly package (HCL_Commerce_Dev_9.0_RAD_WS_v96), which contains the following software parts:
      Part number Description
      CIY03ML HCL Quick Start Guide for HCL RAD for WebSphere Software Multilingual - READ ME FIRST (1.29MB Aug 29, 2019)
      CNG4VML HCL RAD for WebSphere Software V9.6 Activation Kit Multiplatform Multilingual (28.42KB Aug 29, 2019)
      CNG4RML HCL RAD for WebSphere Software V9.6 MASTER Multilingual Multiplatform Set up (831.93MB Aug 29, 2019)
      CNG4SML HCL RAD for WebSphere Software V9.6 Multilingual Multiplatform Core Part 1 (3.83GB Aug 29, 2019)
      CNG4TML HCL RAD for WebSphere Software V9.6 Multilingual Multiplatform Core Part 2 (2.54GB Aug 29, 2019)
    3. Download all parts and extract the files.
    4. Install the IBM Installation Manager. You can download and install it from IBM directly, or via the extracted packages.
      • Option #1: Download and install the latest version of IBM Installation Manager from IBM directly.
      • Option #2: Install IBM Installation Manager from your extracted packages.
        1. Navigate into the RAD_SETUP directory that was extracted from within the CNG4RML assembly.
        2. Run launchpad.exe.
        3. On the Windows Installation screen, click Launch the IBM Installation Manager.
        4. Deselect any packages that are not the IBM Installation Manager from being installed. These are installed at a later point.
        5. Accept the license agreement and complete the installation.


  1. Start Installation Manager.
  2. In the top menu, click File > Preferences.
  3. Select Repositories.
  4. Click Add repository....
  5. Click Browse and navigate to the location of your extracted release package, and add the repository file from disk1.
  6. Select the Search service repositories during installation and updates option. This option finds newer maintenance packages that you can choose to install at the same time.
  7. Click OK to accept the changes and close Preferences.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Click Check for Other Versions, Fixes, and Extensions.
  10. Select IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Version 9.6.x and click Next to continue.
  11. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  12. Specify a Shared resource directory or keep the default directory and then click Next.
    Note: If you previously installed Rational Application Developer through Installation Manager, the existing Shared resource directory is used and you cannot change the path. Continue to the next step.
  13. Update the Installation directory.
    Do not accept the default installation path. Specify a short directory name, such as C:\RAD96\SDP. The default installation path is too long for configuration with HCL Commerce Developer.
    Note: Do not specify a directory that includes whitespace, periods ("."), or dollar signs ("$"). The location where you install to is referred to as the RAD_installdir in later steps.
  14. Select the 64-bit architecture, and then click Next.
  15. Select other languages as needed and then click Next.
    The Features panel is displayed.
  16. Ensure that the following tools are selected. You can also select other tools as needed.
    • Web and Mobile developer tools
      • Web
        • AJAX, Dojo, and HTML
      • Dojo Toolkit libraries
      • JSP and servlet
    • Enterprise developer tools
      • Data access
        Note: Not selected by default. Ensure that you select the Data access option.
      • Java EE and web services
      • SIP
      • OSGi Application
      • XML
        Note: Not selected by default. Ensure that you select the XML option.
    • Code quality tools
      • Code Analysis
      • Line level code coverage
      • Test and performance tools
    • Server tools
      • WebSphere Application Server Liberty Tools
      • WebSphere Application Server classic 9.0
        • Development tools
  17. After you selected the needed features, click Next. The Summary panel is displayed.
  18. Click Install.
    You might encounter a warning that Installation Manage cannot find disk 2. You can safely continue. When you are prompted to enter disk 2, specify the second folder.
  19. Import your Rational Application Developer license.
    1. From the main IBM Installation Manager interface, click Manage Licenses.
    2. Click Import product Activation Kit, and click Next.
    3. Browse to the RAD_AK directory from the exacted HCL RAD for WebSphere Software V9.6 Activation Kit Multiplatform Multilingual package (CNG4VML.zip).
    4. Select the RAD96_Lic.jar Rational Application Developer license file and click Next.
    5. Accept the license terms agreement, and click Finish.

What to do next

Install a 64-bit version of WebSphere Application Server.