HCL Commerce Version

Updating Privacy-related store pages

If you need to display a store’s privacy policy to your shoppers and other storefront users, you can copy, customize, and use the provided sample privacy-related store pages.

By copying and using these pages, your shoppers can view your store’s privacy policy on a Just-in-Time Privacy Notice page when the first visit the store. Shoppers can also view the privacy policy by browsing directly to a Privacy Policy page.

The Privacy Policy page is included by default for your store, but you need to explicitly include the Just-in-Time Privacy Notice page, if it is needed.

If you are including a privacy policy page or just-in time privacy policy notice within your custom store, create the content that needs to display on the pages.

If you are copying and using the sample privacy policy pages that are provided with the Aurora store, replace the sample content with your store’s privacy policy content. The content that is included on the store pages is provided as a sample only for demonstrating how to display content on the page. Do not use this content as-is within your custom store.

Your organization is responsible for ensuring that any sample page that your store uses is customized to disclose the correct information to your shoppers. Your organization is also responsible for ensuring that your legal counsel has completed any required reviews of your store pages and privacy policy.


  1. Privacy Policy page

    The main Privacy Policy page is a standard content page that can display your store's privacy policy for shoppers. Shoppers can choose to view the page and review the policy details whenever they want by browsing to the page from a link that is included in the footer of other store pages. The Privacy Policy page does not include any prompt or check box for accepting the store's privacy policy.

    The sample page is configured to include the e-Marketing Spot and default content that are needed for displaying a store's privacy policy.

  2. Just-in-Time Privacy Policy
    The page does not display to shoppers every time they visit your store. When the shopper accepts the policy, a WC_PrivacyNoticeVersion cookie is created within the shopper's browser that indicates that the store privacy policy is accepted. The cookie is used to pass the confirmation of the shopper's acceptance of the policy to the store whenever the shopper returns to the store. Your organization can choose to configure the policy acceptance store function to create the WC_PrivacyNoticeVersion cookie so that the user's acceptance is stored for only the current browser session or is tored persistently. If the cookie exists for the shopper upon a return visit, the Just-in-Time Privacy Notice page is not displayed to the shopper. The page is displayed to shoppers in the following scenarios:
    • The Shopper visits your store for the first time.
    • The Shopper returns to your store for the first time after your store's privacy policy is updated.
    • The Shopper returns to your store for the first time after the cookie that tracks the policy acceptance expired or was deleted by the shopper. The cookie expires 30 days after creation.
    • The Shopper returns to your store for the first time after the configuration of the policy acceptance function is changed.