Changing the number pattern used to format currencies in JSP files

Complete the following steps to change the number pattern that is used to format currencies:


  1. Use the following XML code in the XML file that you are loading into your target database:


    Variable Meaning
    storeent_id The store or store group ID
    setccurr The three-character ISO 4217 currency code representing the currency that you want to format. This code must appear in the SETCCURR column of the SETCURR table.
    language_id The language ID of the format record
    numbrusg_id The ID of the number usage
    numberpattern The number pattern for the currency that you want to format. The number pattern can contain four different characters: Zero, number sign, period, or comma.
    Zero represents a digit.
    A number sign, represents a digit or an absent zero as a space.
    A period, represents a placeholder for a decimal separator.
    A comma, represents a placeholder for a grouping separator.
  2. Load the data to the HCL Commerce database.