HCL Commerce data beans

HCL Commerce and the HCL Commerce development environment include a set of Java beans, called HCL Commerce data beans, that access information from the tables in the database. Creating store pages using these beans allows you to display information that may change often, such as catalog groups and product lists, or product prices.

The HCL Commerce data beans are grouped into the following areas:

  • Access control
  • HCL Commerce Enterprise Approval
  • Catalog
  • Common
  • HCL Commerce Enterprise Contract
  • Coupon promotion, coupon redemption, coupon wallet
  • Fulfillment
  • Inventory
  • Message extension
  • Order
  • Order management
  • Order status
  • Payment
  • PvC
  • Taxation
  • User
  • User traffic
  • Unified Trading Framework

Each HCL Commerce data bean accesses information from a particular table. For example, the CatalogGroupDataBean, a catalog bean, accesses information from the CATGROUP table. In that table, the bean accesses information from a particular column through properties. That is, the categoryId property accesses the information in the CATGROUP_ID (catalog group reference number) column in the CATGROUP table.

Some HCL Commerce data beans work in conjunction with others. For example, the CategoryDataBean will return a list of the applicable Product or ItemDataBeans within a particular catalog. The ProductDataBean includes the PriceDataBean that allows you to display the price for that product.

Using a JSP editor of your choice, you can choose any HCL Commerce data bean to add to your store page and select which properties you want to display from the Bean Property Selection window.