Promotion assets

A Promotions package. Promotions are specific to a particular Store, and thus the Promotions package is shown as dependent on the Store.Promotions provide you the ability to offer customers price incentives to drive sales, or promote a product. HCL Commerce has two available promotion implementations; rule-based promotions, and schema-based promotions. Either implementation method enables the use of percentage promotions (such as 10% off), or fixed-amount promotions (such as $15 off). Promotions can apply to specific products or to the total purchase. For example, you can offer a 20% reduction to senior citizens. If you have many red baseball caps in stock, you can offer a 25% promotion on the caps for a limited time. Rule-based promotions go beyond these promotion types to offer shipping promotions, and free gifts with qualifying purchases.

There are two types of promotions in HCL Commerce: