Order Confirmation page (B2C)

The Order Confirmation page is where customers can view the confirmation details for their order.

Elements of the Order Confirmation page

Order Confirmation page

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E-Marketing Spots

You can display default content, or Web activities, or both, in any of the following e-Marketing Spots on Order Confirmation page:
E-Marketing Spot name and details Supported default content types Supported Web activities
4 OrderConf_IntellOffer

Not visible by default, this e-Marketing Spot is enabled by integrating your store with IBM Product Recommendations, formerly known as Coremetrics Intelligent Offer.

Recommended usage: Display catalog entry recommendations on the order conformation page from IBM Product Recommendations.

  • Content - No
  • Categories - No
  • Catalog entries - Yes
Run Web activities that use the following actions:
The following three e-Marketing Spots display on Order Confirmation page and all other pages in the checkout flow:
  • 1 CheckoutTopRight_Content
  • 5 CheckoutBottomLeft_Content
  • 6 CheckoutBottomRight_Content
For details, see the Shopping Cart page (B2C).

Links and buttons

2 Continue Shopping
Displays the Home page.
3 Print
Displays the browser's Print window.
8 Order Comments Slider widget
Customer service representatives can view or add customer comments to orders. Comments display time stamps and the representative's name who saved the comment.

JSP files

  • OrderShippingBillingConfirmationPage.jsp represents the entire page.
  • OrderItemDetailSummary.jsp represents the area where order items are summarized for a single shipment method.
  • MSOrderItemDetailSummary.jsp represents the area where order items are summarized for multiple shipment methods.
  • SingleShipmentOrderTotalsSummary.jsp represents the order total summary area.
  • RecurringOrderCheckoutDisplay.jsp represents the recurring order area.
  • IntelligentOffer.jsp represents the OrderConf_IntellOffer e-Marketing Spot.