Quick Checkout Page

The Quick Checkout feature allows shoppers to complete an order with predefined information from the quick checkout profile.

The quick checkout page automatically sets the shipping and billing addresses to the addresses set in the Quick Checkout Profile Page. This option is only available to registered shoppers.

The quick checkout feature is disabled by default. Enable the quick checkout feature by Selecting store functions and select Quick Checkout from the Checkout tab.

Elements of the Quick checkout page

Quick checkout screen capture

Full size screen capture

Standard functions on this page

1 Shipping Address
Registered customers can select a pre-defined shipping address. Customers can also edit an address or create an address.
2 Shipping Method
Registered customers can select a shipping method.
5 Billing Address
Registered customers can select a pre-defined billing address. Customers can also edit an address or create an address.

Optional functions on this page

The following functions can be enabled or disabled for the Aurora starter store by using the Store Management tool in Management Center. For more information, see Selecting store functions.

4 Promotional code entry field
Customers can apply a promotional code if they want to redeem a promotion against this purchase.

Catalog images and text

The following images and text are retrieved from your catalog data for display on this page:

The following table shows how images and text get on this page.

Image/text How image/text gets in the page
In Management Center
3 Information about SKUs in the cart are displayed for the customer's review, including:
  • Thumbnail (70 pixel)
  • Name
  • Code
  • Offer price

Promotions that the SKU qualifies for are also displayed.

Manage SKU tab

Links and buttons

6 Back
Displays the Shopping Cart page (B2C).
7 Next
Displays the Order Summary page (B2C).

JSP files

  • OrderShippingBillingDetails.jsp represents the whole page.
  • ShippingAddressSelect.jsp displays the shipping address details.
  • SingleShipmentShippingMethodDetails.jsp displays the shipping method details.
  • OrderItemDetails.jsp displays the contents of the shopping cart.
  • SingleShipmentOrderTotalsSummary.jsp displays the shopping cart subtotal.
  • CheckoutPaymentsAndBillingAddress.jspf displays the billing address and billing method details.