Propagating changes to the HCL Commerce configuration file

If you manually change HCL Commerce instance properties, you must propagate these changes to ensure your HCL Commerce instance runs correctly

About this task

HCL Commerce DeveloperChanges made to the HCL Commerce configuration file in HCL Commerce Developer do not need to be propagated to the HCL Commerce EAR file. The development environment does not have the concept of an instance, therefore there is a single instance of the configuration file, wc-server.xml. In a production environment, each instance has its own configuration file, which must be deployed with the HCL Commerce enterprise application.

LinuxAIXWindowsFor IBM i OS operating system If you manually change the HCL Commerce configuration file, you must propagate your changes to the HCL Commerce Server EAR file.


  1. Ensure that the WebSphere Application Server hosting your administrative console is running. In a standalone (WebSphere Application Server) environment, this is server1. In a managed (WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment) environment, this is your deployment manager server.
  2. Issue the following command:
    • LinuxAIXFor IBM i OS operating systemWC_installdir/bin/ -DinstanceName=instance_name UpdateEAR
    • WindowsWC_installdir\bin\config_ant.bat -DinstanceName=instance_name UpdateEAR

    Wait for the message BUILD SUCCESSFUL. This process can take some time to complete.

  3. Stop and start HCL Commerce.