HCL Commerce Enterprise

Business relationship roles

The following business relationship management roles are supported by HCL Commerce: Account Representative, Sales Manager and Channel Manager.

The following table describes each role and the business model that each role can work within.

Role Description Business model
Account Representative Account Representatives work with individual accounts to build relationships, and manage customer service issues. They may be authorized to change contract pricing, negotiate contracts, profiles, and analyze profitability by account category.
  • B2B
Sales Manager Sales Managers acquire and retain customers, meet sales forecasts, provide incentives for increased customer business, handle contract management, set pricing terms, and work with the product management team to establish inventory forecasts, and with the Marketing Manager for promotions. They also manage across accounts, assign accounts to, and approve contracts of Account Representatives.
  • B2B
Channel Manager The Channel Manager manages the channel store, as well as the maintenance of the relationship between distributors and resellers, including creating and importing distributor and reseller contracts. The Channel Manager is also responsible for acquiring and retaining more resellers and distributors for the marketplace.
  • Extended sites