Price rule object cache overview

Business object caching eliminates querying of price rule database tables when setting prices on the storefront for a customer. By managing the memory allocated to the cache you can fine-tune price rule performance.

PriceRuleCache (PR_Cache)

The PriceRuleCache object cache instance is a location where a distributed map cache (PR_Cache) stores data pertaining to a price rule business object.

The data stored in the PriceRuleCache includes:
  • Price rule business objects
  • Price equation business objects
  • Price constant business objects

The business object mediators to create, update or delete price rule, price equation or price constant, will maintain the appropriate data in the business object cache.

The price rule object cache uses the following classes:
  • PriceRuleGetContractUnitPriceCmdImpl.class
  • PriceRuleEngine.class

Clearing the cache

If you need to clear the PR_Cache, run the scheduler job InvalidatePriceRuleCache using the Administration Console. If the price rule information in the database is updated through SQL, massload, or stageprop, then you should clear all the cached information. For information on how to run a scheduler job, see Scheduling a site-level job.

Refreshing the store registry

If you create a new extended site store, refresh the Stores registry after the store is created successfully. For information on how to refresh a registry, see Updating registry components.