Expected inventory

Expected inventory is received from a vendor and is typically paid for with a purchase order. The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator tracks expected inventory with expected inventory records. You can record an external identifier, typically a purchase order number from an external system. In this way, you can easily track inventory on order and received inventory. Expected inventory details are the specifics about products in an expected inventory record, such as the fulfillment center, the expected receipt date, the expected quantity, and any comments.

An expected inventory record cannot be deleted after inventory is received against it. Expected inventory details cannot be changed or deleted after inventory is received.

When orders are placed for inventory that is available in a fulfillment center, the Order Management subsystem allocates inventory to those orders. Allocating inventory to an order makes it unavailable to the Order Management subsystem. If the order is canceled, the inventory becomes available again.

If an order is placed for inventory that is not available, a backorder can be created. If expected inventory can be used to fulfill the backorder, then the expected inventory is allocated to the backorder. The customer is provided with an expected shipping date.