Installing the server deployment package

Use the WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool to generate the server deployment package; then install the package to the WebSphere Commerce Server environment.


  1. Create the directory WCBD_deploy_server_common_dir.
  2. Transfer the following file:
    • WCBD_installdir/dist/server/
    from the build system to the server deployment system and uncompress it to the WCBD_deploy_server_common_dir directory.
    WindowsTip: If the deployment package directory name is long, you might encounter problems when you extract the package. A solution for this problem is described in the topic, Troubleshooting: EJB deployment fails in the build process on Windows.
    The following directory:
    • WCBD_deploy_server_common_dir/wcbd-deploy-server-build-label
    is created and is referred to as WCBD_deploy_server_dir.
  3. LinuxAIXFor IBM i OS operating system For any executable files in WCBD_deploy_server_dir such as setenv and wcbd-ant, change the permission with the following command:
     chmod 750 path_to_executable_file