Setting up the Data Load utility customization deployment Ant script

Users can leverage the Data Load utility to load different types of bulk data into the database. If the data type is not supported out of the box, it may require customization. Typically, a user would run the tool on the WebSphere Commerce server, so the tool customization might need to be deployed there. In order to support the deployment of the Data Load utility customization to a remote WebSphere Commerce server with different file transfer methods, the server deployment scripts require users to provide a custom 'Data Load utility customization deployment Ant build file' that is executed as part of the server deployment process. A sample 'Data Load utility customization deployment Ant build file' is provided, which you can edit on your server deployment system to use in the server deployment process.

Note: If you did not customize the Data Load utility, skip this section.

About this task

Sample scripts for some popular file transfer protocols are provided out-of-the-box in the WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cust-deploy directory, including:

File transfer protocol Directory
FTP wcbd-sample-dataload-cust-deploy-ftp.*
Local filesystem wcbd-sample-dataload-cust-deploy-local.*
SCP or SFTP wcbd-sample-dataload-cust-deploy-scp*
Note: protocol refers to one of ftp, local or scp that suits your environment.

If the file transfer protocol used in your customization project is not one to which sample scripts are provided, you must develop custom scripts as per process described in the Customizing the server deployment process topic.


  1. If WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cust-deploy/ exists, copy the file as WCBD_deploy_server_dir/
  2. Copy WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cust-deploy/ as WCBD_deploy_server_dir/
  3. Copy WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cust-deploy/wcbd-sample-dataload-cust-deploy-protocol.xml as WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cust-deploy-protocol.xml.
  4. LinuxAIXFor IBM i OS operating system Change the file permission with the following commands:
     chmod 755 WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cust-deploy-protocol.*
  5. Open WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cust-deploy-protocol.xml with a text editor and replace the name attribute of the root project element from wcbd-sample-dataload-cust-deploy-protocol to dataload-cust-deploy-protocol. For example, if the file transfer protocol is FTP, then WCBD_deploy_server_dir/dataload-cus-deploy-ftp.xml should have the following line:
    <project name="wcbd-sample-dataload-cust-deploy-ftp" default="all">
    changed to:
    <project name="dataload-cust-deploy-ftp" default="all">
  6. If step 1 is applicable, open WCBD_deploy_server_dir/ with a text editor and edit the properties according to the comments in the file. Properties in this file will be encoded when the deployment process is run.
  7. Open WCBD_deploy_server_dir/ with a text editor and edit the properties according to the comments in the file.