Configuring export settings in IBM Digital Analytics for IBM Digital Analytics based customer segments

Configure the export settings in the admin console for IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics. You must configure these settings so that marketing managers can export a profile segment from IBM Digital Analytics to use as a WebSphere Commerce customer segment. These settings permit IBM Digital Analytics to connect to the WebSphere Commerce production server.


  1. Log on to IBM Digital Analytics and open the IBM Digital Analytics Admin console.
  2. In the left pane, click Export Settings - WebSphere Commerce.
  3. Click Create a WebSphere Commerce Target.
  4. In the Edit Data Export Target window, complete the following fields.
    WebSphere Commerce User ID Specify the user name of a WebSphere Commerce user who has a role that has permission to create a customer segment, such as a Marketing Manager.
    WebSphere Commerce Password Specify the encrypted password for the user ID. To generate the encrypted password, use the wcs_encrypt utility without specifying the merchant key or -k parameters. For more information about using this utility, see Generate encrypted data (wcs_encrypt).
    Note: When you invoke the wcs_encrypt utility to encrypt a password, you are provided with two encrypted strings for password, an ASCII and a HEX encrypted string. For example:
    • ASCII encrypted string: 4feBFMFobGNQ0aUStB221w==
    • HEX encrypted string: 33521442464D466F69474E51221B55537442383635773A2B
    You must specify the ASCII encrypted string as the value of the WebSphere Commerce Password field.
    WebSphere Commerce Host Name Specify the host name of the WebSphere Commerce production server onto which you want to import the customer segment.
    WebSphere Commerce Store ID Specify the storeId for the store to which the customer segment belongs.
    WebSphere Commerce Response Duration Specify a response duration in seconds for the WebSphere Commerce production server, for example 600 seconds. If the server does not respond within this number of seconds, the request times out.
  5. Click Save.