Viewing the import status of flat file recommendations for IBM Product Recommendations

In the Management Center Catalogs tool, you can view the import status of a flat file that you have imported. If the import fails, you can view error messages that explain the reason for the failure.

Before you begin

In the WebSphere Commerce Administration Console, you must schedule the ImportIntelligentOfferAssociations job to import the flat file. See Scheduling a flat file import for IBM Product Recommendations.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. In the explorer view, click the IBM Product Recommendations Imports folder. This folder is visible only if you previously upload flat files or if the current import job is started.
    The IBM Product Recommendations Imports - List page displays the following information about each import:
    Status The status of the flat file import.
    Processing Processing
    The flat file import scheduled job is started.
    Successful Complete
    The flat file import that is completed successfully without any errors.
    Failed Failed
    The flat file import that failed and there are error messages.
    File name The name of the flat file.
    Size The size of the imported flat file in kilobytes.
    Start time The time the import process began.
    End time The time the import process ended.
  3. To view a summary report that includes any error messages, double-click the row for the flat file import.

What to do next

If there are error messages, resolve the errors. Then, try running the ImportIntelligentOfferAssociations job again from the WebSphere Commerce Administration Console.